Building Efficiency Task Force

Buildings are the biggest source of Evanston’s GHG emissions. Thus, improving building efficiency is a major focus of our campaign to reduce the community’s emissions 20% by 2016.

CGE is partnering with Elevate Energy, an energy efficiency nonprofit, to help homeowners and other property owners learn about cost-effective upgrade programs and the financial incentives available to help pay for them.

We are reaching out to several different audiences in the Evanston community —

  • Homeowners can take advantage of our weatherization program to lower their utility bills and improve the comfort and value of their home.
  • We have practical and affordable energy efficiency solutions for owners of multi-family buildings, nonprofit buildings and childcare centers.
  • Business owners can choose from an array of energySMART programs offered by Nicor Gas.

To learn more, or to help CGE reach more Evanstonians with information about these programs, please contact