Climate Adaptation Task Force

With climate change, Evanston is projected to experience more extremely hot days, more heavy precipitation events, wetter winters, springs, and falls, and drier summers with more frequent short-term droughts.

CGE’s Climate Adaptation Task Force identifies and promotes strategies to help the Evanston community prepare for these projected climate impacts.

The group gives special attention to the impacts that the changing climate will have on our natural environment. Task force members are engaged in projects designed to help maintain and expand a diverse and healthy urban forest, raise awareness about the benefits of adapted plants and sustainable gardening practices, protect wildlife and natural habitats, encourage the use of green infrastructure practices, and promote water conservation and efficiency.

The task force is currently helping to launch a Community Habitat Certification Program for Evanston. This initiative encourages homeowners, schools, houses of worship, businesses, institutions, and the City to earn National Wildlife Federation habitat certification for their properties.

Task force members are also assisting with citizen stewardship for the Clark Street Beach Bird Sanctuary that the City has installed at the north end of Clark Street beach. The sanctuary replaces the “wilderness” area that was removed when Northwestern University built its new Visitors Center. The Evanston North Shore Bird Club is the primary contact for citizens wishing to help with maintenance, monitoring, and educational activities for the sanctuary.

For more information about the task force — or to get involved — please contact