Edible Evanston

Our Mission

Edible Evanston creates community centered around places of local food production throughout Evanston. We encourage and support food growers and provide opportunities for education and sharing food.

Our Vision

Inspiring and supporting a culture of sustainable food growing and sharing throughout the Evanston community.

Our Initiatives

Who We Are

Edible Evanston originated in 2013 as one of Evanston150’s top 10 ideas, part of Evanston’s 150th anniversary celebration to look at how to improve the next 150 years. Beginning as a grassroots volunteer group, in 2014 Edible Evanston became a program of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Citizens’ Greener Evanston (CGE). We encourage people to grow and share food in the community and believe that gardening is a universal truth, people can connect through their successes, struggles, and finally through the food we grow and share. Growing more of our own food can help us be a more resilient community.

Get Involved

We are a CGE Program lead by a five person Executive Committee, with various subcommittees as needed to accomplish our initiatives. We have regularly scheduled “Work-and-Learn” days at the Food Forest throughout the year. Our Produce Sharing Program, conducted in concert with the Evanston Community Gardeners Program, collects excess produce from community gardeners and delivers to local food pantries weekly during the growing season.

We welcome individuals in the community to join us with their physical, mental, and financial support.  See our website for our current schedules and updates on activities you can get involved with.