Electricity Aggregation

Evanston can be justly proud of its contribution to ending Climate Change. We have adopted two Climate Action Plans, in 2008 and 2014, and have reduced our carbon footprint by 837,000 tons–almost 20%–since 2005. A train carrying that much coal would be 45 miles long!

More than half of these savings come from one initiative: Electricity Aggregation. After approval by a referendum, the City of Evanston has negotiated the purchase of 100% Green Electricity for all participating Evanston residences and small businesses. Anyone can opt out of the program, but fully two thirds of Evanston residents are participating

In addition to reducing our contribution to Climate Change, aggregation has saved the average Evanston household money over time compared to ComEd since its inception in 2012 – a win-win for households and for the planet.

On June 28th 2017, the Evanston City Council approved the next electricity aggregation contract. With 100% Green Power Evanston is still on track to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Download PowerPoint presentation on aggregation