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CGE Strategic Plan 2018

The CGE STRATEGIC PLAN Final – Jan 20 contains the mission, vision, and strategic objectives of CGE as of January 2018.

Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan

In 2018, the Evanston City Council formally adopted the Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) which, among other things, establishes a community carbon neutrality goal, a zero waste goal and a 100% renewable electricity goal.

Track Your Progress — Calculators and Other Tools

EPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator — Asks users to enter data about their home energy consumption, vehicles and driving patterns, and waste produced and then estimates the pounds of CO2 produced/year and offers suggestions of ways to reduce those emissions.
Energy Star Pledge — Invites people to pledge to take the action steps they select from a list of things they can do to make their homes more energy efficient.
WaterSense — Offers tips of things to do to reduce home water use and provides a simple calculator to estimate how much water, energy, and money can be saved by installing WaterSense-labeled products.
CUB ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs — Sign up for a free home energy assessment in which an Energy Advisor does a walk-through of your home, finding ways to make it more energy efficient.
My Home EQ — Provides information on the costs and benefits of specific home improvements, access to trusted contractors, and cost-reducing rebates and financing. Created by Elevate Energy and RW Ventures.
National Green Values Calculator — Takes the user through a step-by-step process of determining the average precipitation on a given site, choosing a stormwater runoff volume reduction goal, defining the impervious areas of the site under a conventional development scheme, and then choosing from a range of Green Infrastructure Best Practices to meet the reduction goal in a cost-effective way.

Climate Adaptation and Natural Resources

Backyard Bird Habitat — A presentation by Louise Clemency, Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish & Widlife Service. (March 2015)
Caring for Evanston’s Urban Forest — A guide to best practices for caring for Evanston’s trees. (July 2012)
Enhancing Your Garden for Birds — A guide for property owners interested in creating and protecting habitat that supports nesting and migratory birds. (February 2015)
Raingardens: A Natural Solution to Stormwater Management — A guide for property owners interested in creating a raingarden. (July 2012)
Carbon Sequestration and Air Quality Regulation by Evanston’s Trees — An estimate of the amount of carbon sequestered and atmospheric pollutants absorbed by Evanston’s urban forest annually. (October 2009)

Building Efficiency

Suggestions for CO2 Reduction for Vintage Family Homes

Renewable Energy

Community Perceptions and Opinions Regarding Offshore Wind Development near Evanston, IL — A report of research conducted for CGE analyzing responses from a random sample of residents from Evanston, Wilmette, and Rogers Park to an online survey about possible offshore wind development scenarios. (March 2013)
100% Renewable Energy for Evanston — Fact sheet about the community aggregation program with 100% renewable energy. (June 2012)
Evanston Offshore Wind Farm FAQ — An in-depth look at the many issues involved in the development of an offshore wind farm. (March 2010)
Community Choice Aggregation for Electricity FAQ — Voter information for the referendum on the March 2012 ballot that asked voters to give the City of Evanston the authority to aggregate electric accounts and seek bids for an energy supplier. The referendum was approved.
Residential Solar Thermal Panels — A guide for homeowners interested in installing a solar thermal system. (January 2009)


Evanston Area Bike Map — Map showing bike lanes, bike routes, and off-street bike paths. (September 2011)
How Can Air Travel Fit Into a Green Lifestyle? — A discussion of the climate impacts of air travel and ways in which air travelers can reduce the carbon footprint of their trips, including the option of offsetting the emissions of their trips with a contribution to the Evanston Climate Action Fund. (December 2012)