Watershed Collective is made up of a variety of water enthusiasts from across Evanston: students, engineers, elected officials, and gardeners. We work in alignment with the City’s Environment Board so that the water work being done in Evanston is as strategic and laterally organized as possible. Our goals:

  • To protect our watershed and aquatic ecosystem.
  • To keep our drinking water safe and public.
  • To promote infrastructure investments that mitigate pollution and urban flooding.
  • To provide educational opportunities for Evanston residents to expand their awareness of Lake Michigan.
  • To promote water conservation practices.

Our values are informed by our understanding of ourselves as water-rich in a time of global freshwater scarcity. How can we manage our water with compassion, with a long view and with joy?

Our meetings take place the 4th Thursday of the month from 4-5:30 p.m. at a public location in each ward. To join our mailing list and get more information, please email water@greenerevanston.org