Candidate Survey Responses

Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) identifies actions our City must take to meaningfully address climate change.  How do the candidates in Evanston’s upcoming election on April 6 intend to respond to that challenge? CGE surveyed aldermanic and mayoral candidates to help voters understand their positions on sustainability, climate, and environmental justice in Evanston (the CGE organization is non-partisan).  Candidates are represented below, alphabetically by last name.  Our thanks to the candidates for their detailed and thoughtful responses! 

Mayoral Candidates
Daniel Biss
Lori Keenan
Sebastian Nalls

Aldermanic Candidates By Ward

1st Ward
Judy Fiske
Clare Kelly

2nd Ward
Darlene Cannon

3rd Ward
Melissa Wynne

4th Ward 
Diane Goldring
Jonathan Nieuwsma
Donald Wilson

5th Ward
Rebeca Mendoza

6th Ward
Tom Suffredin
Katie Trippi

7th Ward
Eleanor Revelle
Mary Rosinski

8th Ward 
Matt Mitchell
Ann Rainey
Devon Reid