CGE Programs

Edible Evanston

  • Create a sense of community around sustainable local food production by creating urban farms, community gardens, greenhouses, and composting sites.
  • Create opportunities for food sharing among residents.
  • Provide educational opportunities for Evanston residents to expand their knowledge of nutrition, growing food, composting, and food waste management.
  • Incorporate a long-term commitment to development and preservation of open green spaces in the urban environment.


  • Promote Evanston’s electricity aggregation plan while working toward a long-term solution to make renewable energy available to all Evanston electricity customers (residential and business).
  • Advocate for City policies which encourage local renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Promote local solar installations and community solar.
  • Work to improve energy efficiency of all Evanston buildings.

Environmental Justice

  • Foster awareness and promote action on environmental justice issues within the City of Evanston.
  • Work to ensure that no neighborhood or residential area in Evanston bears a disproportionate burden of environmental nuisances, hazards and risks.
  • Work to ensure that environmental assets are fairly distributed across the community and that they have desirable features that support health, well-being, and a sense of community.

Natural Habitat Evanston

  • Create, restore and conserve habitat that migratory birds and pollinators need to thrive.
  • Encourage public and private policies that enhance habitat.
  • Educate the community regarding the needs and value of birds, pollinators, wildlife, and our natural heritage, including by certifying Evanston as a National Wildlife Federation community habitat.
  • Create habitat corridors that cross into our neighboring communities.

Transportation/Go Evanston

  • Make public transportation more accessible and appealing to Evanston residents.
  • Make Evanston a safer place for walking and bicycling to increase active transportation.
  • Advocate for City policies and infrastructure investments which help achieve these goals.

Waste (Beyond Waste Evanston)

Beyond Waste Evanston’s main goal is to support residents, business and institutions in understanding and implementing the 5 R’s Hierarchy: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.

Water (Watershed Collective)

  • Protect our watershed and aquatic ecosystem.
  • Keep our drinking water safe and public.
  • Promote infrastructure investments that mitigate pollution and urban flooding.
  • Provide educational opportunities for Evanston residents to expand their awareness of Lake Michigan.
  • Promote water conservation practices.