Earth Week for Everyone – Session Materials

We had so many great sessions April 22-24 that we know you’ll want to catch some that you missed. Many of these were discussions and did not use slides, and we’ll be posting recordings of them in the coming weeks. Presentations are posted below.

Thursday, April 22

Sustainable Travel – 5 Ways to Get There
Vickie Jacobsen, CMAP Transportation Planner

Friday, April 23

Session: Keeping Habitat Resilient
Do Less Garden Cleanup
Leslie Shad, CGE Natural Habitat Evanston
Soil Health and Climate
Tim Sonder, CGE Edible Evanston
Why Trees Matter
Allison Sloan, CGE Natural Habitat Evanston

Session: Talking Trash in Evanston

Sustain Evanston and City Initiatives
Liam Engel, City of Evanston

Beyond Waste
What Is the Circular Economy?
Michelle Redfield


Session: Renewable Energy in Evanston
Len Sciarra, Consulting Architect
Rooftop Solar – a Personal Story
Joel Freeman, Consulting Engineer
Community Solar in Evanston
Ajiah Gilbert, City of Evanston