Take Action!

There are many things each of us can do, individually and collectively, to shrink our environmental footprint and help Evanston become a more sustainable community. Here are some ideas of ways to get involved and make a real difference.

In my home, I will . . .
♦ Turn down the thermostat to 68 degrees or less in winter and move it up to 74 degrees or more in summer.
♦ Install a programmable thermostat to make settings simple and automatic.
♦ Set my water heater thermostat to 120 degrees.
♦ Insulate my water heater.
♦ Close curtains during the day in summer and at dusk in winter.
♦ Run ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.
♦ Install water-efficient showerheads.
♦ Schedule an energy assessment of my home.
♦ Implement the weatherization improvements recommended in the energy assessment.
♦ Explore solar energy options for my home.

Outside my home, I will . . .
♦ Incorporate native plants in my garden.
♦ Practice smart watering (soaker hoses, drip irrigation, mulching).
♦ Replace some turf grass with ground cover and/or native plants.
♦ Plant a tree.
♦ Use porous materials for the walkways and/or driveway at my home.

On the road, I will . . .
♦ Reduce my car travel by one trip/week, by walking, biking, or using public transit instead.
♦ Turn off the engine when I need to wait in my car.
♦ Keep my car in shape with regular tune-ups and properly inflated tires.
♦ Buy a hybrid or electric vehicle when I purchase my next car.

In my community, I will . . .
♦ join Citizens’ Greener Evanston.
♦ help staff a CGE table at a community event.
♦ have a house party to introduce my friends and neighbors to CGE’s home weatherization program.
♦ stay informed about climate change and local, state, and national policies to reduce GHG emissions.
♦ lend my voice, especially here in Evanston, when my participation can promote a practice to reduce GHG emissions.
♦ encourage family and friends to join me in taking some of these energy-saving action steps.
♦ support CGE’s work with a tax-deductible donation.
♦ join a CGE committee —

New members are always welcome!