In Support of Chicago Ave. Corridor Improvements

As advocates for safe, multi-modal transportation options for all roadway users in Evanston, CGE and Go Evanston look forward to the implementation of the Chicago Avenue Corridor Improvements. The proposed improvements will expand safe, climate-friendly mobility while calming traffic that will allow shoppers, workers, commuters, school children, families and Northwestern University personnel to access their destinations more safely and improve economic stability for Evanston. 

For cyclists, completion of the bike lane (much of it protected) will make it the first bike facility that extends from Evanston’s southern border with Chicago to the northern border with Wilmette. Such connectivity is critical for biking to become a true fossil-free transportation option; protection features will also make it safer and more welcoming.

For pedestrians, intersection improvements and bump outs will make crossing the busy, commercial section of the corridor much safer, especially for those with impaired mobility. Given many shops and parallel commuter rail lines for both CTA and Metra, the volume of east-west pedestrian traffic is high.

For PACE and CTA bus riders, the better designed stops will make waiting, onboarding and unloading safer and more welcoming. These improvements will better accommodate individuals with disabilities and others who may need assistance.

The Chicago Ave. improvements will be the closest thing we have in Evanston to a true Complete Street that supports all modes and mobilities in the public right-of-way.