CGE-Related Resources

Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan

In 2018, the Evanston City Council formally adopted the Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) which, among other things, establishes a community carbon neutrality goal, a zero waste goal and a 100% renewable electricity goal.

Local Environmental Groups

CGE often works with local environmental groups that are focused on specific areas.  Find out about them here.

Track Your Progress — Calculators and Other Tools

EPA Household Carbon Footprint Calculator — Asks users to enter data about their home energy consumption, vehicles and driving patterns, and waste produced and then estimates the pounds of CO2 produced/year and offers suggestions of ways to reduce those emissions.
Energy Star Pledge — Invites people to pledge to take the action steps they select from a list of things they can do to make their homes more energy efficient.
WaterSense — Offers tips of things to do to reduce home water use and provides a simple calculator to estimate how much water, energy, and money can be saved by installing WaterSense-labeled products.
CUB ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs — Sign up for a free home energy assessment in which an Energy Advisor does a walk-through of your home, finding ways to make it more energy efficient.
My Home EQ — Provides information on the costs and benefits of specific home improvements, access to trusted contractors, and cost-reducing rebates and financing. Created by Elevate Energy and RW Ventures.

Climate Adaptation and Natural Resources

Backyard Bird Habitat — A presentation by Louise Clemency, Field Supervisor, U.S. Fish & Widlife Service. (March 2015)
Caring for Evanston’s Urban Forest — A guide to best practices for caring for Evanston’s trees. (July 2012)
Enhancing Your Garden for Birds — A guide for property owners interested in creating and protecting habitat that supports nesting and migratory birds. (February 2015)
Raingardens: A Natural Solution to Stormwater Management — A guide for property owners interested in creating a raingarden. (July 2012)
Carbon Sequestration and Air Quality Regulation by Evanston’s Trees — An estimate of the amount of carbon sequestered and atmospheric pollutants absorbed by Evanston’s urban forest annually. (October 2009)

Building Efficiency

Suggestions for CO2 Reduction for Vintage Family Homes